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Before anyone freaks out about me using the n-word, it is not in my vocabulary at all, I even hated to have to use it in this.

Here comes something rather alarming and disgusting, yes, you heard me right, DISGUSTING (and that comes from someone who swears a lot):
I just went onto twitter and stumbled upon a tweet by Shawn Ahmed about one of his co-workers/friends, Jory Caron, (those guys are awesome and doing charity work in Bangladesh!) using the N-word in a tweet, I went to Jory’s twitter account to figure out, what all the fuss was about and I must say, I was in for a surprise, because what I found was actually true, alamring and twisted humor that I like: “Employers… Search “nigger” right now on twitter for a list of people to never hire…”.

So I did type in the n-word into the designated area and let me tell you, this world is effed up in the head! I am not going to quote anything (check some of them out here) but it made realize something:
I know, this is old news to some of you, but please, it is 2012, try to teach yourself some manners and try not to turn back time, where we see how happy it can be to live in slavery with a song on our lips (Thanks Disney, for making slavery a happy childhood memory -“Song of the South” – *sighs*) – oh, wait, I guess we all are living as “modern slaves” nowadays, no matter what color our skin may be: “money” is our new master, “contracts” are our new chains, the “illusion of freedom” is what keeps us going & our new dream of a better tomorrow is “to become famous”/”to be rich”, our new “opium” is the dream to achieve what others already have and “casting shows” are our new arena, the “talents” our new gladiators. I could go on like this forever to point out even more examples on how this world hasn’t changed at all but everything from here on out, should be progress and not a step back into the past. *whistles happy tune* Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Daa!!!
We are the ones who can change the world, but everyone is working towards saving a broken system by saving an economy/economic system that won’t last forever – I am not a communist nor am I saying that I do have the answer/solution to the problem. We are the ones who put ourselves in chains, willingly because we don’t know any better (myself included).
If we can’t change the rules, we have to live by them and sometimes even bend them, in other words, cheat in order to get ahead – don’t deny it, we all did one time or another.
But not all is negative in this system, universal healthcare is among those things and everyone deserves it for doing their part in our society and things do change for the better, gay marriage, equal rights/pay, education, arts and a million other things.
Calling the re-elected president of the United States a “nigger” is not one of those things and I won’t have it, neither should you, because you are ungrateful for the changes that are coming for you, for your benefits (yes, you are going to benefit, although you don’t deserve it).
Before you call someone the n-word, take a long hard look into the mirror and realize that you are nothing but a “modern slave”!
I know there are a lot of people like me out there but a ot them are just too scared to say anything and they feel like addressing these issues is bad for their reputation, which it clearly isn’t!
Some people hold “Freedom of Speech” very high but they clearly have no idea what that means and use it in the wrong way!
I know I can’t change the world, but I am willing to try to change one mind at a time, that’s the only reason why I am doing this and believe me when I say, I am not doing this for personal gain or to be liked, I am just saying what needs to be said!– Dome Woo

Matter of Opinion

A friend of mine had to say following about me: “Yeah. My heart goes out to you. You’re a good man, a crazy man with more opinions than most people in the known universe, but still a good man.” – which is a double sided compliment and I only take the positive out of it, so no harsh feelings at all.

It is true, I do have my opinions on a broad variety of things but when I am reviewing movies for example (You can apply this to all of my opinions and the stuff I do, write, say and etc.), I do that from my own perspective.

That is my brain, trying to make sense of how things work and if they don’t make sense at all, I do say that as well. If it happens to be something you’ve enjoyed or loved and I question people’s taste, doesn’t mean I am attacking you personally, because it is not personal at all, I am just giving my opinion a voice and that’s it. I am not telling you what you’d have to enjoy or have to like. At the end of the day opinions are subjective.

The reason why I am ripping so many movies and tv-shows apart is simple, because that is my forte. I have spent almost my entire life, maybe even more than others, with watching movies & tv-shows, with reading books, following politics, science and etc, which does qualify me as a nerd or even a geek, but I am only one “brain” among billions, so don’t take these reviews personally at all. Even I am capable of changing my mind on certain topics, but in order to do so, my brain needs to be challenged. So with all that being said, don’t hold back and voice your opinion, it does have as much validity as mine.
We are all explorers on this planet, falling through space and time.
We all matter!
– Dome Woo


It was only a few minutes before midnight and she kept running, her heart pumped faster than ever before, the rain, like little pebbles, hurt her face and turned into steam once it hit her skin, cause her body kept heating up with ever step she took. She was in panic, in fear to arrive too late, too much was at stake.

Elsewhere in the city, a table, occupied by two men, in a smoke filled  room. One of them in tears. The other grinning, knowing all too well, he would succeed as always.

“So, when I do this, it all will go away?” – “Yes!”, the grinner replied. “You just have to sign here, here, and here.”

While running, she remembered what she had yelled at him and cursed herself for doing so, it wasn’t her intention, she was just enraged, felt misunderstood as so many times before. She only wanted him to pay attention, to make him feel what she felt, so he would understand her side of things.

She cursed her brain chemistry for playing tricks on her and everyone for that matter who ever felt like a slave to their emotions. “I have to stop thinking and run faster, faster, I have to stop him!”, she yelled at herself.

“Are you ready?”, the grinner asked. “My offer only stands till midnight and as you can see, there isn’t that much time left, furthermore I have other business to attend to. I only agreed to this late night session, because I like you, kid. We have all been there.”
The other just nodded and replied, “I am, I am ready. Let’s get it over with.” and he began to sign at the designated areas.

She ran down an alleyway, time appeared to slow down around her, while her speed accelerated and she crushed a rat with her left foot, which tried to get out of her way but wasn’t fast enough. Its blood sprayed everywhere, like a bursting balloon, filled with red paint.

She didn’t notice the blood’s warmth on her skin, her body felt like it was burning from the inside out, but she kept increasing her speed and her muscles grew into grotesque proportions. She was too far gone to feel the pain, her last clear thought before the transformation was complete, “Faster!”.
Her jacket burst open, revealed gigantic wings and, with one flap, pushed herself off of the ground, elevating higher with ever increasing speed. Her scream, like the roar of a lioness, alarming every living thing on the ground.

The creature smashed through the northern brick wall of the smoke filled room, letting in fresh air and rain, accompanied by lightning and the sound of thunder from a far. It came closer to the table, which had been occupied by two men, just a few minutes ago. Only one of the two was still sitting in his chair. The other, gone, without a trace, but his distinctive smell, it knew all too well from many years ago. Its heart kept beating and a flicker of hope lit up in its eyes. It moved around the table and roared once again, this time it was a roar of despair. The body on the chair revealed its secret by releasing steam into the cold night air from a hole in its chest and the heart placed in its lap.

And then another lightning strike lit up the room and revealed a sadistic letter, written in blood onto the southern wall: “Never give all your heart, honey!”

A note fell out of the creatures dangling leftovers what used to be its jacket: “You said I am heartless and I am going to show you that I am not. I am going to meet up with your dad, to seal the deal. I love you. ♥” .

– Dome Woo

Food/Drink for thought

Statement/question last night or early this morning: “I have never met a gay person ever before. How did you know, I mean, how did you figure it out that you are? How does it feel?” – “Oh, I do need another drink to answer all of that!”

I find this funny, because in this day and age of information technology, you could just google these things but I am always happy to educate, it is just getting a bit tiresome.

I have been asked these questions like a million times, it seems and I just tell them to imagine their first boner, the first time they mastrubated, the way it made them feel and the girl they thought of, then take away the girl and replace it with a guy – I think you get the idea!

The thing that bugs me though, why is it so hard for people to put themselves into other people’s shoes? Isn’t that something we all do when we read a book, watch a movie or tv show?
We expierence and enjoy these things, because those fictional characters are having the adventures we are secretly longing, which we can’t experience in the physical realm.
So, now let me ask you again, if we all are capable to put ourselves into a protaginst’s or even antagonist’s shoes, fictional characters, why can’t we bring ourselves to do the same with the people in the real world?
Are people in the real world too real for us? Apparently.
True, the experiences, the obstacles may vary from person to person, but boiled down it only is about two people falling in love & having sex with someone who has the same gender. I don’t mind the question as much as I mind how the media deals with it, since it only presents us in a “camp” way and gay couples always seem to consist of one butch manly & a little flamboyant man & one flamboyant girly guy (The New Normal), when in reality we have the flamboynat/flamboyant (Modern Family) as well as the butch & butch combo (I’m still waiting for this to happen in a tv show.) Mainstream media knows abut this but they are reluctant to show that, since a lot of people just can deal with the stereotypes they are used to. Reality is so much more diverse.
– Dome Woo

“The Raft – A short story of Change”

After all those physical changes I went through over these past two and half years, my mind seems to have caught up finally. Don’t get me wrong, change is good, even necessary but these drastic changes came (physically as well as mentally) with a price and adjusting to that took a while longer than I thought it would. A lot of people couldn’t handle these changes. because they had to deal with a total different person, so they jumped over board and I stopped throwing life buyos after them, because their weight would have just pulled me even further down and would have made me drown with them. I was on this island with my best friend Francis, a coconut, and I built a raft out of my hopes and dreams for the future, which became stronger over time to carry my weight across the ocean of confusion. Am I seeing the mainland, yet? A little but it is still a while away and I am wondering what I will discover when I get there. I am writing this on a palm leaf as a reminder, so I won’t forget where I were and where I am hoping to arrive. I know I am not the only one who has changed, the mainland did as well, I just don’t know if it is still the place I can consider my home. Whatever is written in stone, will be clean washed away by the tidal waves of confusion and once more I have to embark onto a journey into the unkown, to find my way through the labyrinth of life. – Dome Woo

Who’s done it?

Dear crime/mystery shows (in this case the new & actually fantastic “Elementary”, go check it out!),

I do have beef with you for being way too lazy, when it comes to really be a challenge for me, to solve the crime/mystery along the way. I can point out the killer before we even get to the juicy motive, hell, I even can simply guess the motive before your detectives do. How you may ask? Well, let me boil it down for you:

First of all, stop casting the same damn actors (type casting) as the killer every single time, you have got enough fresh meat to put in front of the camera, instead of using the one guy, that appeared on multiple crime/mystery shows as a killer. Even if you just show him very briefly within the first ten minutes of an episode, I know it is going to be him and the rest of the investigation becomes just the same old dull and done to death “fishing in the red herring tank”-routine.
Second of all, get out of your comfort zone and change the regular weekly formular to make the story more engaging and actually worth while. Catching the bad guy in each episode has been done for ages and has lost its appeal – this is a big issue and it is not an exclusive issue you guys have, a lot of other genre shows suffer from it and they get boring over time. I know that’s not entirely your fault, since the viewers are the ones, who have a limited amount of time to enjoy their evening programme and want the case to be wrapped up nice and neatly within an hour (including commercials), but in times of DVRs people can record their shows and watch them whenever they find the time do so, which gives them a chance to enjoy an extended story arc (unless you are one of the ex-writers of a show called “Lost”, because you make it unbearable for people to actually enjoy it and follow it over time, since you raise more questions than you actually answer, which leads to unresolved storylines).
I am able to figure out the killers motive rather quickly, because you stick to your formula and for me that’s the least bit entertaining. I may be an exception to the rule but I am really getting tired of this, if others find this entrtaining, well, good for them!
Sincerely yours,
Dome Woo

Mind the Gap – Why do I write?

Welcome to my blog “Mind the Gap”and I guess introductions are in order:

My name is Dome Woo aka Dominik Speicher. I am a gay male from Germany and I am going to turn 31 in less than a week and I love writing .
I started writing poetry, song lyrics and short stories, when I was about 14 years old, but I never was the type to keep a journal, because one day I would feel like writing, the next I would feel like ‘why even bother?’.

What changed?

Simple answer: I did, but that would be a copout. So here is the long version. I used to be morbidly obese and merely an observer to life that people were living, instead of being an avid “I have to go out to be around people”-type of person.
Back in late 2008, early 2009, I discovered youtube for myself and was asked to be part of a video-project as a vlogger, which helped me to rediscover my “artsy fartsy”-side and that expierence opened a whole a new world to me, which was the reason that I began to turn my life around, which is still a work in progress – I believe one is never done to constantly be challenged in order to become better than the day before. Here is the link to my last video on my personal channel: R.I.P. Jabba Dome – 1981 – 2010

What do I write about and why?

I write about a great variety of things, I am actually never able to tell you what is going on on my mind next, because it is not like I pick the topics, it is more like the topics pick me and my mind tries to fill in the gaps, the things that doesn’t make any sense to me, hence the titel of my blog “Mind the Gap”, maybe not that original, since that name had already been taken. *sighs* I am always late to the party!

What can you expect from my blog?

Short stories, opinion pieces and reviews (movies, tv shows/episodes, sometimes even music videos – let me tell you, I do have one in store but haven’t finished writing it yet, so stay tuned) .
Just be warned, I sometimes use profanities and I have to point that out: I do have a rather crude type of humor and I don’t mean any harm by it, but I know for sure, people will take offence. (Just take a look at my nickname “Dome”, I am fully aware of what that means in the U.S. – I taught myself English, over the past eleven years, because the fourteen years of English classes weren’t effecient enough for me. So please bear with me, even I get lost in translation sometimes.)

What I expect from you?

Challenge me and don’t just sit there and agree with everything I have to say. Telling me things like “Awesome!” or “You suck!” don’t matter to me, since they don’t make any sense in the context of what I do. That is just your subjective opinion but I want to pick your brains, I want you to feel part of this, so that it is not just me sitting in front of my screen typing away like a maniac and you either trolling your way into my life or out of it.

Now to the juicy parts – if you have made it this far, thank you for your time, because I am just getting started.  Enjoy the things I wrote over the past ten days, two short stories and a couple of opinion pieces.

Will publish them shortly after this – my first blog entry.

Sincerely yours,
Dome Woo