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Glow – EP – Review

December 9, 2012

Here it comes, a postive music review, which might turn into a “Bumpy Ride”. It is not only positive, since a reviewer has to be unbiased and point out the good and the bad.

First things first! Who am reviewing, what and why?

Who? The artist’s name is Charlie Pidcock. (Click on his name for his biography on his website.)

I have met Charlie in real life back in September 2010 at Bournemouth Pier at an event called “Life is a Beach”, my very first youtube gathering. Back then I had no idea of who he was, what he was doing but somehow we kept in touch through the years. (His facebook profile.)

What? He recently released the first of three parts(!) of an EP with the title “Glow”:

sparkler v01

Why? Because I do enjoy his lighthearted music of the folk pop category and his approach as to how he is writing his songs and his lyrics. He is a true singer/songwriter. Is he perfect? Not quite, but that is not an issue at all, since he is like a diamond in the rough and that’s why I like his songs even more.

His music doesn’t sound like the polished bs that music lables throw at us nowadays, although it has been polished by him and his friend, Natt Webb (Producer & Engineerer).

One other thing that I like about Charlie: He is true to himself and doesn’t pretend to be something he is not.

Now let’s review the first six songs of Charlie Pidcock’s “Glow”:

#1 Bumpy Ride

This song is about life, the journey and change. It doesn’t matter, if some things don’t turn out the way we’d hoped for. It reminds us to embrace whatever life has in store for us, that there is a better time ahead of us and that we shall not give up hope.
The song is upbeat, energetic and a delight to listen to. I have to admit, I catch myself singing to it, it is that catchy!

#2 Glow

This song is about how it feels to be at a dark place, because you may not see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore. You may even have lost the abillity to see the light within yourself – I can relate to this song so much, because even I lost the abillty at one point or another to see the good within myself.
There are times, when we think the worst of ourselves and need others to remind us that we aren’t bad people, merely good people who might have done something bad. That’s when we need someone to remind us of who we really are.
The way back to life and/or love may be confusing and we end up looking in all the wrong places.
Long story short: It is about not giving up hope, even in the darkest nights and days. It gets better!
The song is rather slow, melancholic but uplifting. Charlie’s voice trembles at some places but I can let that slide, because of the amazing lyrics.

#3 Closer to the Edge

This is a rather sad song about either unrequited love or lost love. How that can push you closer to the edge of insanity, I just hope not the stalking kind of insanity.
You want them to understand how you feel, to see you for who you are, you want them to love you in return or to love you again. You even tell them how you feel but instead of them being understanding, they keep drifting away from you, since they may not be able to feel the same for you or can’t bring themselves to love you again. Whenever you see them again, you are getting reminded that the friendship you have had before you confessed your feelings to that person, is no more. In the lost love scenario it would mean, that you still have the same feelings but you guys are no longer the same people you were, when you were together. You keep questioning yourself and how they were even able to captivate you in the first place, leaving you with nothing but the blame.
This song is melancholic from beginning to the bitter end. I am sure everyone can relate to this song, because we have all been there and done that at least once or twice in our lives.

GLOW v02

#4 Beautiful Night

This song is about spending a rather innocent night outside, with the person that makes everything shine brighter, better and breathtaking – two words: New love!
It is about having a good time on a date outside under the moon – and having a good time isn’t a euphemism in this case. *sighs*
It is about living in the now, about enjoying the moment and celebrating the good times – still no euphemism – because time is fleeting.
I can’t get enough of “Beautiful Night”, because I love those african drums, the composition and the lyrics. I want to make my bed in it and never leave it – yes, this is my personal favorite song at the moment. Well done, Charlie! *claps*

#5 Never Walked Alone
Safe bet, this song is about the same situations, I already mentioned in my song review for #3 Closer to the Edge.
It is also a rather sad song and deals with that lost relationship. How being in love with your best friend is the best foundation for a relationship but never a guaranty for it to be ever-lasting. Relationships do change over time and sometimes, one of the involved parties can’t deal with the issues of the other anymore.
I like this song, aside from being another sad song, because of its beautiful piano arrangement.

#6 Overflow
This song is this EP’s bonus live track and it’s about how people can turn our lives around for the better. That there are points in life, where we just have had enough and kind of need a break. There is also the recurring theme of how people can lift us up, when we do need help and feel alone.
I personally do like this track, but I can’t listen to it that often, since Charlie’s voice is kind of “crying” a lot in this one, which makes it crack a little sometimes.

What is your end result for this review of Charlie Pidcock’s EP “Glow”?

Overall, with all its flaws: I like it very much. It is refreshing, entertaining and has meaning. I want more. I am looking forward to the next two installments.
Personally, I wish for more tracks like “Bumpy Ride” and “Beautiful Night”. Those are by far my favorite tracks. You can buy his EP on either Amazon, Itunes or order a physical copy.

I’ve received mine already with a personal note (No worries, I paid for my copy of the EP, I wasn’t bribed):

If you made it through this review, here is a treat for you: Charlie’s first official music video to “Bumpy Ride”!

Sincerely yours,
Dome Woo

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