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Welcome to my personal Hellmouth! – Part II – The Harvest

December 6, 2012

Due the postive feedback to my “Welcome to my personal Hellmouth“-entry I decided to continue with documenting my journey, which just went into the next stage. I received my confirmation letter by the surgeon yesterday with all the required infomrations like the date and etc. for my first surgery: #1 Stomach! (The butt is #2, which is something I am going to write about on another day!)

So what’s going to happen to me on January 3rd 2013?

On that day, they are going to cut me open like a fish. I am not even exaggerating, just take a look at this picture (No worries it is not that graphic & bloody at all – beware of the penis):


This picture shows us the procedure called “Anchor Tummy Tuck” and to be honest, I start giggling whenever I say that out loud. (Even reading it makes me laugh.)

Basically they are going to cut away most of the area that is no longer needed, pull the edges together and have to model a new belly button, because the old one won’t survive the procedure. (I wonder, if I should have asked them to skip remodeling the belly button, since it would be so much cooler not to have one – Kyle XY, anyone?!)

Aside from what the doctors keep telling me, this procedure is a rather heavy surgery. Even the risks and consequences of it sound rather scary, but that’s a thing that always comes with surgeries.
Possible risks and consequences are: Infections, sepsis, wound healing disturbance, internal & secondary bleeding, to name just a few of a whole lot more.

Scary, isn’t it?

(Picture taken at SWS Studios in London under the lable of 76 Imagery)

Prohibitions & Rules

I am not allowed to take aspirin fourteen days before the surgery. (Really glad, I am actually never taking any pills, not even aspirin, unless I am really forced to.)
I am also not allowed to drink any alcohol before and after the surgery, which turns 2013 into a year of sobriety for me.
Smoking is prohibited as well, because it reduces the blood flow in your skin and prevents it from healing properly.

I am not allowed to do sports, heavy lifting, bending and moving in all kinds of ways (yeah, bending, oh woe is me!).
Sitting is also something I am forced to avoid, which is one of the hardest things to do, when our society is built on that.

So I either have to stand around all day or lay down with a pillow under my legs – so happy about that! *sighs*

Due to the surgery I will be forced to wear these type of medical “sexy” leggins, so a million sexy points for that, but hey, it is the journey that counts and not the goal, or is it acutally the goal in this type of situation?

Between this procedure and the second – #2 Butt – are going to be at least 4 to 6 months, depending on the healing process.


When your wishes become a reality, they tend to collide!

I was so focused on getting the permission for this surgery, that I kind of forgot to think about how I am going to handle the things that seem to be so normal to us on an every day basis.
Due the prohibitions and rules, I am in need of getting some help by my friends, which is something I am trying to organize at the moment.
Truth be told, it is rather hard to win them over, since everyone is caught up in their own lives and taking care of me is not neccessarily something that should be or is high up on their priority list.

What about your family then?

Well, same thing. My siblings are too busy with their own families and I don’t blame them. I am very understanding in this case. My parents live on an island, which makes it difficult for them to just get over here and spend their time looking after me, it is their retirement and I am not a fan of asking them to interrupt that for me. They have already done enough and still do support me, when I do need help. I do love them for that, but they can’t be there for me all the time.

Update (Dec 07th):

Remember when I wrote in the previous entry about me taking over the lion share of responsibility for these weird friendship/relationship situations? I really do or try to, and here comes the reason why:

I kind of snapped at one of my friends (who is actually more like a family member to me) yesterday, due to my irrattional fear of ending up like my late cousin (his body had been found 5 days after he had passed away in his apartment), and I became rather impatient, since I was waiting for this one particular friend to reply to me. – Yes, I am flawed and I owe it to myself to be honest about this, hence my brutal honesty in this blog. I am only human after all!

On top of that came the realization of not having anyone close enough to me at the moment. When I say close I mean on a personal level.

Why is that?

The qualitiy of my previous IRL friend- and relationships sucked and in order to avoid getting hurt I didn’t let anyone close enough, which is a work in progress and it takes time. I have started to reach out, but it is hard to break through these types of self-built walls.

This is also why I don’t blame anyone to not just put me on top of their list of priorities, but I will manage and I am still changing.

Are you worried?

So, yes, this uncertainty worries me a bit at the moment, but I am still hanging in there and hoping to get enough of my friends together.
Being single, during such a diffcult and kind of overwhelming but extraordinary time, is a bit unfortunate, but I am not going to burst into tears over that!

I keep trying to figure something out. After all I came to the conclusion that I have had to deal with so many uncertainties in my life that I am not going to cave in because of another one. It is what is:

A journey and a bumpy ride, so hold on tight! We never know what’s coming up next and that is what makes it so fantastic.

Sincerely yours,

Dome Woo

  1. better than yesterdays entry

  2. Thank you, luv. I know you don’t like to read “THAT MUCH”! XD *ducks*

    And I know you meant part one of my “Hellmouth”-series. I kind of took the complains into account of it being “too fucking long” as well as the advice to write about something that I know and I do know what I am going through right now, what I have been through in the past and can only imagine the future, but the future part is not important, since it is the now that matters.

    To explain the now, this series is going to have “flashback entries”, wherein I cover specific situations and stories that have happened to me in the past. So, yes, I am going to continue my “Hellmouth”-series since it is very personal to me and I know for a fact, that not that many people talk openly about these type of things.

    Which makes this series even more fun for me to write, is the fact that I can use the episode titles of “Buffy – The Vampire Slayer”, since her story kind of mirrors my battle and journey for the most part. I might not be able to use all 144 episode titles but enough of them to be able to tell the story of my journey and close that chapter at one point, when I feel I am done.

    Dome Woo – 143

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