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World Aids Day!

December 1, 2012
Why do I show my support on World Aids Day?

Through personal experience I was faced with a decision one day, because one of my loved ones was diagnosed with HIV and I came to the conclusion, that it doesn’t change the way I feel about them. Until to this very day I still love them and wouldn’t think twice about being with them, because it is possible to live with someone who is infected. It doesn’t make them special nor untouchable, it is just what it is, a disease!

I never understood why people had to treat them differently afterwards, because it never made any sense to me. If you love someone, you can work through this without being afraid. Being afraid never helped anyone in history and it never will. Just take a stand and be understanding but don’t push them away, because you are scared. Educate yourself about HIV and AIDS and please stop making jokes about it, since you clearly have no idea what you are talking about!

Spread the word, show your support and talk to people about it. If you might get diagnosed one day – let’s hope that doesn’t happen to you – just know that there is hope and that there are people out there who don’t judge you for it!
With all that being said I wish you a Happy World Aids Day!
Sincerely yours,
Dome Woo
  1. Come on! HIV and AIDS jokes are some of the best kind! šŸ˜‰ lol Seriously though it’s good to see you supporting a cause that hit close to home. I’ve been fortunate enough not to… I was going to say not to have any friends or family with the diagnoses, but I bet I do! (Statistically speaking). I’m certain a lot of people keep it to themselves if they ever discover they’ve contracted it because of all of the stigmas. And, because you brought it up, I had to look up some AIDS jokes. Let me know what you think!

    Q: Why did the man put condoms on his ears during sex?

    A: He didn’t want to get hearing aids.


    What is tougher than a pitbull with AIDS?

    The guy who gave it to him.


    Come on! Those are funny! I know I’ve certainly had to get used to the humor of being bipolar. But, to be honest, it really used to annoy me when people would say stuff like “Such and such person is so bipolar,” or “Have you taken your meds today?” without knowing I’m bipolar and take meds. šŸ˜›

  2. Oh dear!

    I have to admit those are funny, and yes, I even laugh at a certain episode of “Drawn Together – The Lemon Aids Walk”, but it is a rather serious topic that people underestimate, even today, which is why some of those jokes work and others don’t!

    I am glad to see you back online after your last bipolar episode. I can relate to that, especially since it took me the entire year to work through my own set of mental issues but I am better now, as well.

    Thank you Casey, your spirit guided me through out the year and never made me give up.

    Hugs, Dome

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