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“Wake up!” – Nightmares

November 10, 2012

During the past two consecutive nights, I have been haunted by nightmares and I only remember two of them, which I still find rather scary than amusing, because as we all know, nightmares are part of us and we can’t just escape them, unless you count waking up as a legitimate method to escape. It is just not always working for me like that. They stay with me but instead of running, I keep confronting them by writing about them. Turn them into stories, my symbolic dreamcatchers.

As someone told me, we make our reality, either we rule it or it rules us and I absolutely agree. Dreams and nightmares aren’t any less real as our perception of the world around us, since it is all just happening in our heads – I love brains.

Here is one of those nightmares – at least what I am able to recall from it:

I am meeting up with a group of people in front of an apartment building complex, which is like at least wenty stories high. It is still daytime but closer to dusk. I can’t really make out their faces but they are familiar to me.
It reminded me a bit of the scene in Stephen King’s IT, wherein the kids meet up to confront the beast for the first time.
We go through a check list of the required items for the task and everything seems to be there. What those items were, has already slipped my mind, I just know they are crucial in order to succeed.
We head into the building, into the elevators to get onto one of the upper floors. The next thing I know is, that we go,through a long corrior with flickering lights into one of the apartments and a girl/woman tells us, that we are should go into our predestined and aggreed upon positions to play our roles in the fight against an unknown threat.
Suddenly all of them go into the kitchen and shut the glas door behind them. So I am left alone in the room and go to the couch, to pretend to be asleep under a cover. I remember that I have to keep my eyes shut, as we had been told, that this would be the way to stay alive long enough to let them or it come closer to attack, because the unkown threat can only harm you if you look right at it.

Then it happens, we can hear an uncanny noise comming fom the outside of the complex. The noise comes from everywhere it seems and everything begins to vibrate, the walls, the table, the couch I am laying on. It sounds like a spaceship engine being slowed down and I can see through my eyelids that the sky behind the curtains is going dark, like something was slowly covering up the sun with a blanket.

The worst thing, I do recall about it, is the unnerving feeling, like my guts were about to boil, once I see that happening. The shadows in the room begin to move as I catch myself peeking through half opened eyes and I can feel a presence moving past my feet. I don’t dare to make a sound or even breathe. Once that fear becomes too much for me to bear, I wake up, right before the attack.

Although the nightmare may have ended, right then and there, the fear lasted for hours, as if I were in a state of shock. Perception of reality is a funny thing. Being able to distinguish between dreams and reality can be really tricky sometimes. Now that I have written down my nightmare, I do have proof that it all just happened in my mind. But who or what tells me that I am not dreaming right now. Maybe I am merely an extra in somebody else’s dream? Wake up.

– Dome Woo
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