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Matter of Opinion

November 6, 2012

A friend of mine had to say following about me: “Yeah. My heart goes out to you. You’re a good man, a crazy man with more opinions than most people in the known universe, but still a good man.” – which is a double sided compliment and I only take the positive out of it, so no harsh feelings at all.

It is true, I do have my opinions on a broad variety of things but when I am reviewing movies for example (You can apply this to all of my opinions and the stuff I do, write, say and etc.), I do that from my own perspective.

That is my brain, trying to make sense of how things work and if they don’t make sense at all, I do say that as well. If it happens to be something you’ve enjoyed or loved and I question people’s taste, doesn’t mean I am attacking you personally, because it is not personal at all, I am just giving my opinion a voice and that’s it. I am not telling you what you’d have to enjoy or have to like. At the end of the day opinions are subjective.

The reason why I am ripping so many movies and tv-shows apart is simple, because that is my forte. I have spent almost my entire life, maybe even more than others, with watching movies & tv-shows, with reading books, following politics, science and etc, which does qualify me as a nerd or even a geek, but I am only one “brain” among billions, so don’t take these reviews personally at all. Even I am capable of changing my mind on certain topics, but in order to do so, my brain needs to be challenged. So with all that being said, don’t hold back and voice your opinion, it does have as much validity as mine.
We are all explorers on this planet, falling through space and time.
We all matter!
– Dome Woo

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