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November 5, 2012

It was only a few minutes before midnight and she kept running, her heart pumped faster than ever before, the rain, like little pebbles, hurt her face and turned into steam once it hit her skin, cause her body kept heating up with ever step she took. She was in panic, in fear to arrive too late, too much was at stake.

Elsewhere in the city, a table, occupied by two men, in a smoke filled  room. One of them in tears. The other grinning, knowing all too well, he would succeed as always.

“So, when I do this, it all will go away?” – “Yes!”, the grinner replied. “You just have to sign here, here, and here.”

While running, she remembered what she had yelled at him and cursed herself for doing so, it wasn’t her intention, she was just enraged, felt misunderstood as so many times before. She only wanted him to pay attention, to make him feel what she felt, so he would understand her side of things.

She cursed her brain chemistry for playing tricks on her and everyone for that matter who ever felt like a slave to their emotions. “I have to stop thinking and run faster, faster, I have to stop him!”, she yelled at herself.

“Are you ready?”, the grinner asked. “My offer only stands till midnight and as you can see, there isn’t that much time left, furthermore I have other business to attend to. I only agreed to this late night session, because I like you, kid. We have all been there.”
The other just nodded and replied, “I am, I am ready. Let’s get it over with.” and he began to sign at the designated areas.

She ran down an alleyway, time appeared to slow down around her, while her speed accelerated and she crushed a rat with her left foot, which tried to get out of her way but wasn’t fast enough. Its blood sprayed everywhere, like a bursting balloon, filled with red paint.

She didn’t notice the blood’s warmth on her skin, her body felt like it was burning from the inside out, but she kept increasing her speed and her muscles grew into grotesque proportions. She was too far gone to feel the pain, her last clear thought before the transformation was complete, “Faster!”.
Her jacket burst open, revealed gigantic wings and, with one flap, pushed herself off of the ground, elevating higher with ever increasing speed. Her scream, like the roar of a lioness, alarming every living thing on the ground.

The creature smashed through the northern brick wall of the smoke filled room, letting in fresh air and rain, accompanied by lightning and the sound of thunder from a far. It came closer to the table, which had been occupied by two men, just a few minutes ago. Only one of the two was still sitting in his chair. The other, gone, without a trace, but his distinctive smell, it knew all too well from many years ago. Its heart kept beating and a flicker of hope lit up in its eyes. It moved around the table and roared once again, this time it was a roar of despair. The body on the chair revealed its secret by releasing steam into the cold night air from a hole in its chest and the heart placed in its lap.

And then another lightning strike lit up the room and revealed a sadistic letter, written in blood onto the southern wall: “Never give all your heart, honey!”

A note fell out of the creatures dangling leftovers what used to be its jacket: “You said I am heartless and I am going to show you that I am not. I am going to meet up with your dad, to seal the deal. I love you. ♥” .

– Dome Woo
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