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November 4, 2012

Statement/question last night or early this morning: “I have never met a gay person ever before. How did you know, I mean, how did you figure it out that you are? How does it feel?” – “Oh, I do need another drink to answer all of that!”

I find this funny, because in this day and age of information technology, you could just google these things but I am always happy to educate, it is just getting a bit tiresome.

I have been asked these questions like a million times, it seems and I just tell them to imagine their first boner, the first time they mastrubated, the way it made them feel and the girl they thought of, then take away the girl and replace it with a guy – I think you get the idea!

The thing that bugs me though, why is it so hard for people to put themselves into other people’s shoes? Isn’t that something we all do when we read a book, watch a movie or tv show?
We expierence and enjoy these things, because those fictional characters are having the adventures we are secretly longing, which we can’t experience in the physical realm.
So, now let me ask you again, if we all are capable to put ourselves into a protaginst’s or even antagonist’s shoes, fictional characters, why can’t we bring ourselves to do the same with the people in the real world?
Are people in the real world too real for us? Apparently.
True, the experiences, the obstacles may vary from person to person, but boiled down it only is about two people falling in love & having sex with someone who has the same gender. I don’t mind the question as much as I mind how the media deals with it, since it only presents us in a “camp” way and gay couples always seem to consist of one butch manly & a little flamboyant man & one flamboyant girly guy (The New Normal), when in reality we have the flamboynat/flamboyant (Modern Family) as well as the butch & butch combo (I’m still waiting for this to happen in a tv show.) Mainstream media knows abut this but they are reluctant to show that, since a lot of people just can deal with the stereotypes they are used to. Reality is so much more diverse.
– Dome Woo

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