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Who’s done it?

November 2, 2012

Dear crime/mystery shows (in this case the new & actually fantastic “Elementary”, go check it out!),

I do have beef with you for being way too lazy, when it comes to really be a challenge for me, to solve the crime/mystery along the way. I can point out the killer before we even get to the juicy motive, hell, I even can simply guess the motive before your detectives do. How you may ask? Well, let me boil it down for you:

First of all, stop casting the same damn actors (type casting) as the killer every single time, you have got enough fresh meat to put in front of the camera, instead of using the one guy, that appeared on multiple crime/mystery shows as a killer. Even if you just show him very briefly within the first ten minutes of an episode, I know it is going to be him and the rest of the investigation becomes just the same old dull and done to death “fishing in the red herring tank”-routine.
Second of all, get out of your comfort zone and change the regular weekly formular to make the story more engaging and actually worth while. Catching the bad guy in each episode has been done for ages and has lost its appeal – this is a big issue and it is not an exclusive issue you guys have, a lot of other genre shows suffer from it and they get boring over time. I know that’s not entirely your fault, since the viewers are the ones, who have a limited amount of time to enjoy their evening programme and want the case to be wrapped up nice and neatly within an hour (including commercials), but in times of DVRs people can record their shows and watch them whenever they find the time do so, which gives them a chance to enjoy an extended story arc (unless you are one of the ex-writers of a show called “Lost”, because you make it unbearable for people to actually enjoy it and follow it over time, since you raise more questions than you actually answer, which leads to unresolved storylines).
I am able to figure out the killers motive rather quickly, because you stick to your formula and for me that’s the least bit entertaining. I may be an exception to the rule but I am really getting tired of this, if others find this entrtaining, well, good for them!
Sincerely yours,
Dome Woo
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